Alive & Well in Prague (2009)

DEBUT SCREENING: 8:30pm March 29th 2010, Kino Svetozor Maly Sal.

Four ex-pats, living in Prague, Czech Republic, were filmed at intervals over 4 years.  Working in a variety of professions, from actor to English teacher, they all share the same predicament : living in a foreign society can be difficult, even impossible at times.

Stefan, an American has just directed his first porn feature, and is looking to sell it in the open market.  Francis, an English teacher, is harboring a potentially lethal drink problem.  Todd, a Californian actor, outlines what it is to be a struggling actor in the city.  Ruth, also an English teacher, depicts the long-term effects of staying in a society so different from the one she grew up in.  Over the course of time, each follows their own path, with markedly different results.  In the meantime, we gain an insight into the Czech mentality, how it differs and is similar to our own, and how living in even one of the most beautiful cities in the world can have a dark side.

Full version (73 minutes)

Alive and Well In Prague from Edward Longmire on Vimeo.

Trailer (1m 29s)


Excerpts (3m 26s)


Prague Post interview with Edward Longmire (PDF), trailing the film’s debut screening.

Telegraph interview with Edward Longmire (PDF) about the film.