Changing Realities, Prague 2008

changing-realities-Prague-2008The developing world is undergoing a transformation at a speed which has never been experienced previously. Formerly repressed economies have appeared, larger than life, driven by individual governments or global forces to compete on the world stage. This contemporary phenomenon has, in turn, generated far-reaching social and cultural changes, whether voluntary or not.

Through a perspective garnered by a number of visits to the Asian continent, Edward Longmire has been encountering and documenting these changes firsthand. Whether examining subtle or rampant manifestations of global capitalism, the sheer diversity in Edward Longmire’s portfolio proves the point again and again : time waits for no one.

Tibet has only recently started its metamorphosis, aided – or otherwise – by China; Vietnam is undergoing a more liberalised transformation, deluged by Western consumerism; and the shimmering cityscapes of the newly-constructed Shanghai skyline tell their own story.

Each country has its own manifestation of the same condition, coming from different cultural traditions and physical landscapes.

Galerie U Prstenu, Jilska 14,
Prague, Czech Republic
22.4.08 – 18.5.08